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created 4 months ago

An open-source collection of tutorials, articles, datasets and other resources for creating useful/interesting/artistic online bots.

php pico Twitter bot opensource

Bartleby Bartleby

created 4 months ago

A short story character turned into a Twitter bot.

nodejs rivescript Twitter bot

Detective Detective

created 6 months ago

A "reverse Turing test" chat game.

nodejs socketio websockets chatbot

/message /message

created 7 months ago

Leave a message for the next person who visits this page.

node.js websockets

A Gentle Introduction to CSS3 Animation A Gentle Introduction to CSS3 Animation

created 1 year ago

An introduction to CSS3 animation with examples, exercises and links to resources.

tutorial css3 animation

SiteSummary SiteSummary

created 1 year ago

The SiteSummary API lets you get basic information about a website, including social data, such as number of Facebook likes, tweets on Twitter, etc. The detailed documentation will also help you create your own API.

social media api python flask opensource

Creating for the Modern Web -- A Webmaker Teaching Kit Creating for the Modern Web -- A Webmaker Teaching Kit

created 1 year ago

One of the first featured teaching kits for Mozilla's Webmaker, based on a series of tutorials I wrote.

mozilla webmaker teaching kit tutorials teachtheweb

Weather Web App -- Making a Web Mashup Weather Web App -- Making a Web Mashup

created 1 year ago

In this tutorial you will create a web app (or a mashup) that detects user's location and shows him or her the current weather and loads an image based on the location and the weather.

tutorial weather web app api javascript css

Simple Sharing Buttons Generator Simple Sharing Buttons Generator

created 1 year ago

Share to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks using simple HTML buttons. This new version brings improved design, support for Font Awesome, website metadata auto-detection and more.

social media sharing web app javascript

Space and Quotes Space and Quotes

created 1 year ago

Back-end driven quote-on-a-space-background generator with image preloading -- no JavaScript!

python flask back end no javascript

Object-Recognition-Powered Games Object-Recognition-Powered Games

created 1 year ago

Game mechanism that utilizes object recognition.

object recognition game angularjs api

HelloSalut HelloSalut

created 2 years ago

Say hello to your website visitors in their native language.

web service php mysql

Longer Than Longer Than

created 2 years ago

Compare your relationship to those of famous couples. Note: This is a Facebook app, but you don't need to sign in to use it.

facebook app entertainment javascript php mysql

Four Ton Fish Four Ton Fish

created 4 years ago

This is my personal website. I use it as my web development playground -- and to show off my other work.

stefan html css javascript angularjs jquery bootstrap php mysql java python


I learned the basics of JavaScript, HTML and CSS while working on a few internal projects within IBM; mostly automation tools, a smart contact book, some CMS tools etc.

automation tools javascript html css ibm humble beginnings